Advertise With Us

How can I get an ad aired on KWYL?
Call (775) 789-6700 and ask to speak with Jennifer Odom, Market Manager.  She and our Cumulus staff will help you plan an efficient and effective advertising/marketing or event campaign. Our local platform of stations has the power to deliver your target audience.

Could KWYL broadcast live from my event?
Yes! Call (775) 789-6700 and ask for Jennifer Odom to schedule a “K-BULL Broadcast” at your business.

Does KWYL help public service organizations?
Absolutely! We have great relationships with Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation, Wild 1029 Turkey drop, MS Walk and many more.  Over the years Wild is proud to say we have raised millions of dollars for our community and we couldn’t have done with with out YOU!  Call 775-789-6700 to submit an event.